“If you’re looking for someone to make the college application process as painless as possible, Jess is a sure bet! Jess employs a methodical, organized process by which she identifies your student’s needs/ interests/ strengths, and develops a list of potential schools that could / would be a great fit for your student. She’s a tremendous resource who supports your student through all steps of the process–college lists / match, tracking test registrations and scores, assessing financial aid offerings / needs, mining for scholarships, refining essays, and ensuring your student completes applications thoroughly, and in a timely fashion. Jess will ease your student’s anxieties and yours with her intelligence, compassion and enthusiasm. I highly recommend Jess and CollegEase in managing your student’s college applications.” -Meg C.

“Jessica is knowledgeable and great to work with. She has helped my son with every aspect of his college search and application process.” -Melanie B.

“CollegEase provides so many useful services to help kids navigate the very complex college application process!”- Christina M.

“I highly recommend this company for parents with high school kids! For those who do not know, CollegEase is designed to help kids through the college selection and application process… I wish this would have been around when I was applying for schools. Makes the process 10x easier.” -Liz A.

“Jess is a fabulous coach!”- Pam M.