CollegeEase uses “The Guided Path” to simplify the college selection process. Developed from professional principles routed in education, engineering, project management, and consulting, the process consists of 5 straightforward steps: Inspire, Identify, Prepare, Work, and Decide. This method ensures an outstanding college application, which accurately represents the student.

Personalized Support

Support to student and parents along the Guided Path includes phone, email and text response to questions as well as providing informational emails directly applicable to the student’s individual needs. For example, students will be notified of local college visits, summer opportunities, and local events that are related to their college and career interests. CollegEase research is geared towards identifying experiences and unique college offerings that will intrigue and capture a student’s attention.

College Selection and Applications

The organization of the key steps along “The Guided Path” is provided through a customer relations and content management system. This online system, available to all CollegEase students and their parents through the CollegEase website, provides access to college admissions and location data, individualized college list management, and reports. In addition, student and parents can elect to receive notification of important due dates for tests, applications or appointments via texts and emails.