Jessica’s philosophy is that, in most cases, there is no one “perfect” school; rather there are many good options that coincide with a specific student’s profile. These options are good college matches, which are identified by understanding both the colleges and the student. These matches would all be suitable for the student both based on what the student wants and what the college has to offer.
The process of college admissions has grown increasingly complex in recent years, yet the “The Guided Path” approach makes the process straight forward. The most recent published data indicate the nationwide student to counselor ratio is 491:1. This caseload does not allow for counselors to provide in-depth independent college application assistance to every student. Applications are at an all time high and with that comes greater competition. Making a student’s application rise above the rest becomes a critical part of the strategy. Jessica's specialty is helping students develop strong applications, which convey their unique strengths. This also allows her to get to know the student and provide an independent perspective to aid in selecting the appropriate colleges, which leads to a good college match.
A massive amount of information on all aspects of the college process is available online and from high school and social networks, so the difficulty becomes determining applicability and prioritizing. CollegEase streamlines the information wave and provides specific recommendations tailored for each student. Other key time saving factors include the individual research and support CollegEase provides.
First and foremost, time is money, and saving time utilizing Jessica’s experience is saving money. Other savings arise from avoiding unnecessary campus visits, testing, applications or a transfer to a new college. When considering the total cost of a 4-year college education (up to $200,000+) the cost of a consultant (up to $4,500) is justified as a good return on the investment. A small investment now can deliver a long lasting return from a successful college career.
The optimal time for most students is at the end of the sophomore year or early in the junior year of high school. However, each student is ready to start college planning at different times, so as early as freshman year or as late as the start of the senior year can also work for some students. The key ingredient is the student’s desire and interest in their post high school opportunities. An early start allows focus on course selection and extracurricular activities.