The consultants at CollegEase promise to do the following:

  • Help students and parents select schools that are educationally, socially, and emotionally appropriate to allow the student to learn, grow, and succeed.
  • Continually seek knowledge about institutions and the college application process by investing time in:
    • Visiting colleges and learning about academic programs.
    • Professional interaction with college administrators, professors, and students.
    • Conducting personal research to verify data and uncover information on important topic areas to students and families including admissions, financial aid, and social environment.
    • Maintaining contact with previous clients to learn about their experiences at the institution they chose to attend.
  • Help students along the journey of discovery through the college application process by enabling students to define themselves and explore unknown opportunities.
  • Work in tandem with students to find educational options that are appropriate for the student’s goals and abilities.
  • Protect the best interests of all students.
  • Provide accurate information and empower students and parents to act responsibly.
  • Honor students’ decision regarding where they apply and choose to enroll.
  • Strive to provide equal access for qualified students through education about financial aid processes.
  • Maintain student confidentiality in the community.

Additionally, CollegEase shall maintain the following core values:

  • Professionalism- Our work in educational consulting is professional only to the extent that we subscribe to and practice ethical behavior, as stated in the member conventions of NACAC.
  • Collaboration- We will work together to promote and protect students and their best interests.
  • Trust- The consultant/student/parent relationships are based upon trust and mutual respect and honesty.
  • Education- We are committed to educating students, families, the public, fellow education professionals, and ourselves about the transition to and within post-secondary education.
  • Fairness and Equity- We maintain the responsibility to treat one another and students in a fundamentally fair and equitable manner.
  • Social Responsibility- We have a duty to serve students responsibly, by safeguarding their rights and their access to and within post-secondary education.
CollegEase pledges adherence the IECA (Independent Educational Consultant Association) standards of professionalism. To read more, please visit: IECA Standards of Professionalism